How our themes are translated?

My Tapestry's themes are translated with the same localization technology than WordPress (GNU Gettext).

How can I translate a theme in my language?

Verify that the translation doesn't already exist. They can be found on My Tapestry.

  • If it's available, download the files and upload them to the directory /lang/ (in the folder of your theme).
  • Otherwise, you have to translate it yourself (see below).

Creating my own translation files

  1. You need a translation freeware like Poedit
  2. Open the model file (theme_name.pot in the folder /lang/)
  3. Translate all the sentences
  4. Save the file with a name like ab_AB.po. (for example "fr_FR.po" for french, see all localization names). Note that Poedit will automatically create another essential file called
  5. Upload these two files to your server, in the folder /lang/
    If your WordPress is well configured, you should now see your pages with the translated sentences.

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